Bedwetting Alarms – Pros & Cons

Before buying a bedwetting alarm, make sure you understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of using such a treatment to cure bedwetting.


  • Using a bedwetting alarms is one of the safest and effective method of treating bedwetting
  • As opposed to drugs, using an enuresis alarm does not produce any side effects.
  • The wearable alarms are small, light, and easy to conceal under the pyjamas.
  • The alarms are easy to operate.
  • Most alarms come with a vibrating mode that can help children avoid embarrassment.


  • The alarm sensor needs to be cleaned thoroughly every time it gets in contact with urine (several times a night in some cases)
  • Some alarms are uncomfortable to wear
  • Some children get scared when the alarm goes off
  • Alarms are not 100% accurate
  • Parents must be ready to wake the children up within the first few weeks
  • The treatment process for bedwetting via alarm systems can take a long time (several months) and can be almost as frustrating for some children and parents as bedwetting itself. If this is the case, read Bedwetting Alarms: Making It Easy For The Child
  • Price may be an issue for some families: a good alarm costs around $100.