What You Need to Know

What are bedwetting alarms, how they work, pros and cons of using an alarm, buying guide, and how successful are bedwetting alarms in treating bedwetting.

The Good & Bad

Pros and Cons of Using a Bedwetting Alarm in Children

Bedwetting alarms are safe, easy to use and do not produce side effects. However, the treatment process can take a long time and be frustrating.


How Successful are Bedwetting Alarms in Treating Bedwetting?

Bedwetting alarms are one of the safest and effective ways of changing a child’s bedwetting habits as they don’t require any medical intervention.


Making it Easy for the Child to Use A Bedwetting Alarm

Using a bedwetting alarm can sometimes be frustrating for the child and parents. Here are some tips that will make using the alarm a comfortable experience.