Review: Chummie Premium Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm

chummie premium reviewSummary: The Chummie Premium alarm is one of the best bedwetting money can buy. It comes with all the bells and whistles and has one of the most advanced urine sensor detector.


  • One of the best urine sensor detector on the market
  • Easy to install & use
  • 8 alarm tones
  • 32 different combinations of lights, sounds, and vibrations
  • Vibrate mode for discretion


  • Sensor stickers not strong enough, may need additional tape to hold sensor in place


  • One Drop Detection Technology: the hypoallergenic, flexible, soft silicone sensor detects urine at the very first drop
  • 8 Tones prevents getting used to one tone
  • Volume control: 2 settings
  • Vibration mode for privacy
  • LEDs to alert deep sleepers
  • 32 combinations of lights, sounds, and vibrations
  • Silence button to stop the alarm
  • Sensor alert: notification when the sensors comes off
  • Low battery alert: notification when the battery is running low
  • Easy to program: with 3-in-1 switch
  • Warranty: alarm unit (1 year), sensor (3 months)

A child is easily embarrassed and uncomfortable when bedwetting is a chronic condition.

The Chummie Premium bedwetting alarm system has all the features needed for discretion and quick detection of urine. We’ve reviewed this system in comparison with other systems on the market; here’s what you need to know about the features of and the differences between Chummie Premium and other alarm systems.

chummie diagramOne-Drop Sensing Technology

The Chummie Premium IntelliFlex one-drop sensor is exceptional. It’s made of non-corrosive silicone and does exactly what it says: senses the first drop of urine and sounds the alarm. The comfort of the sensor is enhanced by the softness of the IntelliFlex silicone enveloping the unique rounded corners of the sensor. The Malem sensors are clip-on sensors that are bulky and are not as flat, soft, and comfortable to wear. Malem sensors also take more maintenance and are harder to clean than Chummie sensors.


In terms of cost, the Chummie Premium is one of the best alarm in the $100 price range simply because it has the best urine sensing technology available. It also comes with a free smartphone app. With the app you can obtain online support, access frequently asked questions, watch tutorial videos and call customer support right from your mobile or tablet.

Alarm Settings

The Chummie Premium has 8 distinct and easy-to-set alarm settings. You want the different alarms because it is easy for a sleeping child to become accustomed to the same alarm night after night. By changing up the alarm tone, you break that habit pattern and can change the bedwetting habit more quickly.

In addition to the 8 basic alarm tones, you can set up to 32 different combinations of lights, sounds, and vibrations. The vibrations are the most discrete setting for sleepovers and camping when a child would be upset by someone hearing the alarm and knowing they had a problem with bedwetting.

Apart from the alarm unit and the IntelliFlex sensor, in the box you will find 60 Flexitapes which are used for attaching the sensor to the child’s underwear, a snap-on clip, a progress journal, an achievement certificate, a user manual, 2 AAA batteries, and a registration card.


We have found the Chummie Premium bedwetting alarm to be one the best alarm system: it has the most advanced “drop sensor”, it comes with all the bells and whistles and it’s priced reasonably.