DryBuddy Bedwetting Alarms Reviews

DryBuddy offers both clip and wireless systems to help all kinds of enuresis patients in overcoming bedwetting.

The clip-on alarm and wireless alarms are the two methods by which the DryBuddy alarm system detects and alerts about wetness

drybuddy alarmDryBuddyEZ Bed Wetting Alarm Review – The DryBuddyEZ bedwetting alarm is loaded with features at a low price. However, it has trouble turning those features into consistent value for the low price.


drybuddy wireless alarmDryBuddyFLEX Wireless Alarm System Review – The DryBuddyFLEX Complete wireless bedwetting alarm system brings a lot of features to people battling nocturnal enuresis as caregivers and as patients.


DryBuddy’s clip-on alarm has a firm plastic clip on the alarm which holds tighter than other systems. It can also be attached with large safety pins for further positioning. It has a very loud alarm and only weighs 2 ounces including the batteries.

The wireless version of the DryBuddy alarm emits a radio signal from the detector to the receiver which is plugged into an electrical outlet. DryBuddy underwear has a redundant sensor and the transmitter attaches to the underwear magnetically with a special cap device. The sensor can be reused. It is quite easy to clean and quick to maintain. The sensor’s time to detect when moisture is present is rapid and the alarm goes off instantly. The difference between urination and the slower increase in moisture due to perspiration is differentiated by the device. The underwear is the only part of the system ever to touch the wearer. That’s due to the sensor being on the outside of the briefs. When the alarm does go off, the caregiver can turn it off using a wireless remote. The remote reaches up to 90 feet. It’s great for keeping other sleepers asleep while the caregiver helps the child. For those who hate to hunt for the alarm button in the dark, the remote is a wonderful feature

Where DryBuddy Ranks

The DryBuddy wireless bedwetting alarm system ranks ahead of the Rodger system as to features and cost but the DryBuddy Clip-On is outranked by Chummie.