Review: Malem Ultimate 1 and IS Bedwetting Alarm

malem ultimate reviewSummary: The Malem alarm is one of the best bedwetting alarms on the market, featuring the most accurate urine detection sensor.


  • One of the best urine sensor detector on the market
  • Easy to install & use
  • Sound only, sound & vibration or vibration only options


  • Malem Ultimate 1 only has 1 tone
  • Malem Ultimate IS features a low quality clip that breaks easily


  • Quick Detect technology: sensor detects the first drop of urine
  • Secure Grip comfortably locks the sensor in place, unlike taped-on sensors that fall off at night
  • Vibration mode for privacy
  • Tones: Malem Ultimate 1 has 1 tone, Malem Ultimate IS has 8 tones
  • LEDs to alert deep sleepers
  • Warranty: 1 year

malem ultimateBedwetting is a cause of much anxiety and troubled sleeping patterns in children and adults alike. Bedwetting alarms are a medical way of training a sleeping person to awaken in time to urinate.

The Malem Ultimate Alarm is one system that works well.

This system appeals not only to children but adults as well. While it does come in a variety of colors, it has a design that is not focused strictly on a playful appearance (like the Chummie Premium alarm system), so adults with enuresis will not feel condescended to when using it.

malem ultimate 2Sensor

The Malem Ultimate sensor is a clip that attaches to the wearer’s underwear to detect drops of urine. One feature of the sensor is “one drop” detection, meaning that the first drop of urine sets off the alarm.

Different colors include camouflage, royal blue, gold, and magenta. The unit is only 2 inches square and weighs only 1 ounce.

Alarm Tones

malem appMalem Ultimates have 5 selectable alarms and one of them has the option of recording your own sound. You can select Sound Only, Sound and Vibration, or Vibration Only by sliding a small switch inside the battery compartment to setting 1, 2, or 3 accordingly.

There is no on/off switch that could allow the alarm to be switched off and ignored. However, there is a reset button that will turn off the alarm, but it only works if the sensor is dry or the Easy-Clip© lever is opened and removed from the underwear. One of the sounds of the Eight Tone Alarm (8T) does not stop immediately upon pressing the reset button. This is intentional and by design.

Each unit comes with the first set of batteries included free of extra cost.


Unless you purchase Malem devices from retailers that offer a warranty, returns directly to Malem are such that the sender pays all costs and must contact Malem prior to sending the defective item. All costs of repairs are the responsibility of the sender, not Malem.


Overall, the Malem Ultimate features the most accurate sensor when it comes to detecting urine. The alarm also comes with all features you would expect from a bedwetting alarm and it does what it promises: alerts kids (and adults) when it’s time to urinate.