Review: Chummie Pro Bedside Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm

The Chummie bedwetting alarm system works for teens, deep sleepers, special needs individuals, and adults.

chummie proChummie uses an IntelliFlex mat to detect wetness. The mat is comfortable when placed under a sheet. It measures 21 inches by 17 inches and attaches to the bedside alarm.
It only takes one drop to set off the alarm. Cleanup is simple using a dry cloth. Once dry, the mat can be reused immediately. Low maintenance means that you can take it traveling and not have to worry about how to keep it working.

There are two volume settings, two lights, several vibrations, and 8 very loud alert tones that you can combine and customize for heavy, medium, or light sleepers. Shutting off the alarm takes two steps so as to ensure that the sleeper is fully awake so as to know to use the bathroom to finish urinating. Everything in the Chummie kit is CE certified, registered with the FDA, and carries a one year warranty.

Chummie even has a free app for your smartphone where you can read frequently asked questions (FAQs), consult with support online, and watch videos of instructions.

chummie pro2Chummie emphasizes that setup only takes 30 seconds. All you have to do is set the alarm with a 3-in-1 switch and put the mat under the sheet. Then connect the alarm to the mat and set the alarm at the bedside. The cord is 10 feet long so as to give you more options on placement. Whenever the battery gets low on power, or if the sensor is accidentally disconnected after setting the alarm, the alarm will sound.