Review: Therapee Bedwetting Alarm

therapee reviewSummary: Therapee bedwetting alarm system is one the best bedwetting solution in terms of results. It consists of online counseling, videos, interactive software and a custom-created program designed specifically for your child. However, if you are looking for a more affordable alternative, consider Chummie Premium or Malem Ultimate.


  • The most advanced and safe bed-pad and alarm system
  • Sensitivity control
  • Involves no wireless radiation
  • Custom-created program designed specifically for your child.
  • Online counseling
  • Online videos & interactive software
  • Several alarm tones and volumes to choose from


  • High price


  • 10 Tones prevents gettin used to one tone
  • Volume control: yes
  • LEDs to indicate different functions
  • Sensor control button: adjust the sensitivity level to avoid false alarms due to humidity and sweat
  • Tool button prevents unintentional changes to the settings of the alarm (eg: children playig with the alarm)
  • Low battery alert: notification when the battery is running low

therapeeThis research-based system came to light as the result of efforts by enuresis specialists Dr. Jacob Sagie and Tal Sagie. It essentially packages up face-to-face counseling for treatment. It’s extremely customized because it considers many variables unique to each child, including daytime urination control ability, frequency, age, how deep of a sleeper the patient is, motivation, and “dribbling”. There are no medications to purchase.

The STOPEE alarm system is among the easiest and safest to use. It is completely detached from the body of the child and involves no wireless radiation.


therapee package

With the interactive software, you just enter your information online to get a custom-created program designed specifically for your child. There is no limit to its use. The treatment doesn’t have to stop until the patient stops and has consistently dry nights. If bedwetting recurs, he or she can have additional treatment without any extra costs or fees. With online counseling, there are no appointments to set with clinics, nobody has to miss work or school, and you don’t have to travel. You can set the program to your own pace and in your own time at home.

Because everything happens at home, that reduces any embarrassment and hesitance to use the system. Everyone involved with treatment, apart from the parents and patient, is an expert in enuresis. That’s something most enuresis products can’t lay claim to.

therapee remoteThe software is highly researched and effective. It covers every possible combination of age, bedwetting frequency, and day control. The processes are repeatable to the extent that they enable treatment professionals to give a response similar to what they would give in a clinic, except that it’s even more detailed online.

All a parent needs to do is input some data on a virtual chart. The system analyzes the data and produces a plan in the form of videos pre-recorded by a virtual therapist. He or she will talk to patients and their caregivers about their progress, presenting statistics, giving positive reinforcement, and handing out assignments. There are also opportunities to talk by phone or email with a human counselor as well as a collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the website.

The STOPEE device has a control unit (the alarm) and a sensor pad which you put under the sheet. It never touches the child’s body. The alarm unit is put on a chair or nightstand and connects with a thin cable to the pad. At the first drop of wetness, the alarm will activate at which point the parent or caregiver can enter the room, wake them up, and take them to the bathroom. Nightly repetition of this routine in conjunction with the online counseling is very important as you’re working to condition the urination reflex system.

therapee videoThe alarm control can be adjusted in many combinations of volume and alarm tones to achieve just the right awakening situation for your child. There are 10 different sounds, a volume control, and a sensitivity control for detecting wetness of urine vs. wetness of humidity or perspiration. You can avoid accidental resets or changes in the settings with a special tool button that locks the other buttons.

The pad is very comfortable and soft and made of medically-approved PVC which assures good sleep while still protecting the metal conductor.