Review: Wet-Stop3 Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm

wet-stop3 reviewSummary: The Wet-Stop3 bedwetting alarm is affordable but it’s not as accurate and durable as other alarms in this price range. We recommend the DryEasy alarm instead.


  • Easy to install & use
  • 5 alarm tones
  • Vibration mode
  • No pins or tape required


  • Detects urine too late
  • Poor battery compartment design (batteries do no stay in place)
  • The alarm is not waterproof, which causes it to short circuit if exposed to urine
  • The cord is too long and can be a strangulation hazard
  • The alarm does not work with rechargeable batteries
  • Difficult to turn the alarm off


  • Several Music Tones prevents gettins used to one tone
  • Vibration mode for privacy
  • LEDs to alert deep sleepers
  • Warranty: 1 year

wet stop 3Reviews of the various bedwetting alarm systems in the $50 price range are incomplete without mentioning the Wet-Stop3 bedwetting alarm. The Wet-Stop3 will help your loved one overcome the troubling condition of enuresis.

How It Works

Wet-Stop3 has five very audible alarms, just at the limits of what the U.S. Occupational, Safety, and Health Administration (OSHA) allows, that are certain to wake even very deep sleepers. In fact, it is advisable to inform other members of the household of the loudness of the alarm so that they will be prepared and not panic when it sounds. In addition to the audible alarms, there is a vibrating alarm, which can also be used in conjunction with the audible alarms as an extra measure or by itself for discretion.


The Wet-Stop3 is small and attaches easily to any undergarment. It doesn’t require pins (which tear undergarments over time and are dangerous), tape (which can come off easily) or sewing to attach. It measures only 3 inches tall by 1.8 inches wide and is only .5 inches thick, so it is small and unobtrusive to a person’s ability to sleep comfortably.

wet stop 3 graphicThe cord is long, so if it becomes a nuisance, some users have put on a second pair of underwear over the first pair and then rolled and tucked the cord between them to secure the extra length.

When the alarm sounds, there is a two-step process for turning it off. This two-step process ensures that the child will not simply turn it off and go back to sleep by requiring a procedure that forces the child to awaken. Turn the Wet-Stop3 off by holding down the white off button for 3-4 seconds. While holding the button down, either disconnect the sensor cord from the alarm or wipe the sensor completely dry.

For further instructions, included is “The Complete Bedwetting Book” on CD, a tracking calendar, a sticker reward system for positive feedback for children, and instructions in 6 languages.

Wet-Stop3 is safety certified, including CE, FDA, and ISO certifications for quality and safety, so it is a reliable and safe way to stop nocturnal enuresis.


The Wet-Stop3 is affordable but it is not very accurate and durable. We recommend the DryEasy bedwetting alarm instead. It detects urine faster and more accurate and it lasts a longer time.